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London: Underground Train, Red

London: Underground Train, Red

London’s Underground selected facts

Source: Wikipedia

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London: District Line, Green

London: District Line, Green

The District line is a line of the London Underground, coloured green on the Tube map. It is a “sub-surface” line, running through the central area in shallow cut-and-cover tunnels. It is the busiest of the sub-surface lines and the third busiest overall on the Underground network.

The District line was built by the Metropolitan District Railway (MDR) and opened in stages from 1868.

Source: Wikipedia.

London: Mind the Gap

London: Tube, Mind the gap

The London Underground is a rapid transit system serving a large part of Greater London and neighbouring areas. Despite the name, about 55% of the network is above ground. It is usually referred to officially as ‘the Underground’ and colloquially as the Tube.
The nickname “the Tube” comes from the circular tube-like tunnels through which the trains travel and within which the station platforms are built.

“Please Mind The Gap between the train and the platform. Mind the Gap!”

London: Tower Hill Underground Station

London: Tower Hill Underground

Tower Hill is a London Underground station at Tower Hill in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The entrance to the station is located a few metres from one of the largest remaining segments of the Roman wall which formerly surrounded what is now the City of London.
It replaced a station with the same name, but earlier called Mark Lane tube station, that was farther west.

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