New York: Squibb Park Bridge (Instântaneo)

New York: Squibb Park Bridge

The Squibb Park & Bridge is a recently redeveloped part of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, in Brooklyn, New York.

The Squibb Park bridge is constructed of Black Locust timber with bronze and galvanized steel connections. Black Locust timber is naturally rot resistant and an unusually strong, durable, and sustainable resource. The bridge consists of two under-slung suspension spans that open up views in all directions when crossing Furman Street.
If you walk across Squibb Park Bridge, you may notice a little bounce in your step. The bridge was designed with trail bridge technology and is meant to be lightweight and flexible like the trail bridges in our state and national parks. So whether you’re a first timer or returning visitor of the Squibb Park Bridge, expect an extra pep in your step and know that this is completely normal and part of the design.

Source: Brooklyn Bridge Park website



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